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Take a journey into the parallel world of Time & Space and you will discover a venue so creative and imaginative that you will think yourself inside a Jules Verne novel.


Time & Space has been created to offer you the opportunity to step into a steampunk world where elements of industrial design sit alongside furniture and décor evocative of the Victorian period.

Time & Space has been designed with a spectacular ‘nod’ at Verne’s Nautilus and is destined to be placed on the Steampunk map as a venue truly worthy of a visit.

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Time & Space is a unique and stylish location aimed at providing a setting for a variety of sectors including film and photography; private venue hire and special interest groups… the list has no bounds.

Time & Space has grown from its creator’s wish to design a venue with a Steampunk aesthetic to a full-blown alternative world. Any number of individuals and organisations can come together at different times to use the space whilst experiencing its inimitable design and style.

At Time & Space, we want you to forget the 20th Century and immerse yourself in a different world where anything you imagine is possible; whatever your interest or business, Time & Space can provide you with the perfect venue.


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Time & Space is unique, you will not find anything like it in Essex and with its distinct separate event spaces, the venue can be used for any style of corporate hospitality. It is equally suitable for film viewing, games nights, Steampunk enthusiasts, book clubs, children's parties or adult gathering.

The décor is one of a kind and will appeal to Steampunk aficionados through to any individual or group seeking an inspirational setting for their corporate event.


Time & Space provides the perfect backdrop to creatives. It is one of its kind and both filmmakers and photographers will find its quirky and distinctive décor perfect for photoshoots or as a film location.

Discover our stunning venue as the perfect location for your project. Time and Space has a number of interesting features providing the solution to your creative wish list.

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Explore Time & Space as the perfect venue for an exceptional cross curricular learning experience. Our venue offers a variety of opportunities to deliver subjects in an exciting and distinct way be it Science, Performance Arts or even Magic!

Time & Space is a great backdrop to any child’s birthday celebration – we offer exclusive use of the venue in a fun, unique and interactive space.


Themes range from: Magic, Steampunk Storing telling; Science and with its state of the art Audio Visual system you can even opt for a film or music party…the choice is yours.



The aesthetic at Time & Space facilitates the wellbeing sector enabling guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the venue and feel the flow of energy.

Enjoy this unique and flexible space for hire to hold physical, mental and social wellbeing events, workshops and classes such as yoga, relaxation and meditation, fitness groups, sound baths and much more.

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We have a wide range of facilities here at Time & Space to accommodate a variety of uses.